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Age of InnocenceWeek 12 - The Age of Innocence
spacer " Look let's face it, the cinema - the classical cinema - is gone. It's over. The cinema as we know it up to now, is disappearing. It doesn't mean that cinema is dead. Rather, it's evolving. It's new, totally new. So new, that some of us may not even be aware of what changes will occur in the next decade."
Martin Scorsese
Class Meeting #11
Monday, November 9, 6:30 PM - 10:15 PM
AB2 249

Reading Assignments
Understanding Movies, Chapter 7

Eleanor Dwight and Viola Hopkins Winner, Edith Wharton's World: Portraits of People and Places
A brief biography of Wharton followed by portraits painted during the period. Look at these and judge how accurate Scorsese was to the period.

AFI's Tribute to Martin Scorsese
Created in honor of his receiving the 1997 life achievement award.

Gavin Smith, "Streetsmart: Excerpts from Three Martin Scorsese Interviews" Film Comment, May/June 1998
The second half of the article is about Age of Innocence.

Roger Ebert, Age of Innocence Review
A glowing but perceptive review of the film.

Martin Scorsese: Movies and the Man
An extensive web site on Scorsese, featuring interviews, articles, and biographical material.

On-Line Discussion
"Age of Innocence"
Test #2 and Paper #2
Copies of Test #2 and topics for Paper #2 are posted on the WebBoard.

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