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Lighting WheelWeek 9 - Lighting
spacer "One eye sees, the other feels"
Paul Klee
Class Meeting #8
Monday, October 19 6:30 PM - 9:15 PM
AB2 249

Reading Assignments
Ron Whitaker, CyberCollege "Lighting, Modules 27 - 36"
A detailed discussion of lighting techniques. Module 27 provides an overview, the remainder are for those interested in the craft of lighting.

David E. Williams, "Demonic Convergence", American Cinematographer Magazine, August 1998.
A discussion of the lighting and film techniques in "The Exorcist"

Lighting Dimensions Magazine
Mostly technical articles about film, stage, and television lighting

Society of Television Lighting Directors
Articles about lighting techniques and some interesting VRML lighting examples

On-Line Discussion
Week 9
In Class Discussion
"Visions of Light," illustrated by excerpts from 125 feature films, provides an introduction to the art of cinematography, focusing on the role and function of the cinematographer in the film process and on the importance of the cinematographer's choices in the overall impact of film. The cinematographers elaborate on their own struggles and achievements and trace the great breakthroughs of the masters who preceded them. Archival interviews with these masters allow their distinct personalities to emerge in vivid, amusing and provocative flashes. Additional interview footage features comments from well-known writers, directors and producers who discuss the impact of the cinematographers' work on their own.

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