FIL2400 - History of the American Cinema
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Extra Credit Assignment
Can Replace Lowest Grade on Written Assignments
Study Guide - Page 105, Exercise 2
Film Noir Posters
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For Extra Credit, pick one of the films on Page 101 and 102 of the Study Guide. Since these are contemporary, even the smallest video stores should have one for you to rent. If you remember your English 1102 classes, this is a comparison and contrast.

First, study the "elements of the film school generation (parody, pastiche, nostalgia, etc.)." Then watch a movie and find a sequence (scene) using or rejecting at least two of those elements. Finally, analyze the sequence for both style and content.

Next, write an Introduction defining the elements of film school generation you will use (at least two.) Then, write a paragraph or two showing how the sequence conforms or fails to conform to one element. Talk about style and content. Then do it again for the second element. Finally, try to determine the director's purpose in using or not using these elements.

That's six paragraphs, maybe more depending on your depth of detail.

Assignment Due With the Final Exam.
You can bring it to my office, fax, E-mail, or bring it to HU 79 to be put in my mail box. But it must be typed!

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