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Additional Readings
"Bernard Herrmann and Alfred Hitchcock — Genius meets Genius"
by Jim Emerson. An essay on the collaboration between Hitchcock and famed composer Herrmann.

"Can't You See?: Women and Aura in Hitchcock's Vertigo"
by Andrew W. A. LaVallee. A "scholarly" essay on the role of women in Vertigo.

"The Fragments of the Mirror: Vertigo and its Sources"
by Ken Mogg. An extensive study of the literary and cultural influences on Vertigo.

"LAST LAUGH: Was Hitchcock's Masterpiece a Private Joke?"
by John Locke. A essay on the structure of Vertigo.

" Love, Desire, the Image, and the Grave"
by Robert Baird in Images: A Journal of Film and Popular Culture, November, 1996. An essay on the visual symbolism in Vertigo.

"Verdant Vertigo: Seeing Green in Technocolor"
by Jim Emerson. An interesting essay on color symbolism in Vertigo.

The Vertigo Restoration
A series of articles on the 1996 restoration of Vertigo.

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Rare photographs from the shooting of Vertigo taken October 11th, 1957 at the San Juan Bautista Mission, near San Francisco. Provided courtesy of Vulcanarts

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