FIL2400 - History of the American Cinema
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Week 10 - The Film School Generation red line
In the 1960s and 1970s, a pack of brash young mavericks - Coppola, Scorsese, Spielberg, and others - tried to revolutionize the way American films were made and appreciated. This segment explores the financial and cultural forces that made their success possible; the influence of classical Hollywood genres, new technology, and the French New Wave on their work; and their continuing evolution as idiosyncratic film makers with commercial clout.
Movie Posters
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Reading Assignments
Study Guide - Unit 9: The Film School Generation
American Cinema - Chapter 13: The 1960s: The Counterculture Strikes Back Chapter 14: The Film School Generation

Television Assignment
Sunday Night/Monday morning - November 9
Midnight - 1:00 AM
Program 9 - The Film School Generation

Additional Screenings
*Bonnie and Clyde - Edison Library PN 1995.9 .G3 B6 1980
*Taxi Driver
*The Godfather

Learning Objectives
A. Identify the major directors of the film school generation
B. Understand the use of allusion, parody, and pastiche
C. Understand how the artistic concept of post modernism relates to the film school generation

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