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Week 7 - The Combat Film

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Historians, directors, and military leaders describe the evolution of the World War II film genre, and the narrative tradition linking such films as Bataan and Platoon. The segment provides a sense of how the American cinema has filled an immediate social and political need - to give the American people a sense of what the nation was fighting for.

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Reading Assignments
Study Guide - Unit 6: The Combat Film
American Cinema - Chapter 8: The War Film

Television Assignment
Sunday Night/Monday morning - October 19
Midnight - 1:00 AM
Program 6 - The Combat Film

Additional Screenings
Apocalypse Now
Twelve O'clock High
- Edison Library PN 1997 .T846 1985
Sergeant York
Hot Shots

Learning Objectives
A. Understand the relevance of the "ideal platoon" in combat films
B. Understand the communal nature of heroism in the combat genre, and contrast this with the individualistic heroism of the western
C. Understand the role of the Office of War Information in the production of American propaganda during WW II
D. Grasp the influence of WW II newsreels on the combat film, and refine the concept of realism
E. Define and analyze the nature of sexuality in the combat genre

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