FIL2400 - History of the American Cinema
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Week 9 - Film in the Television Age red line
Television first arrived in American homes just as the Hollywood studio system was collapsing. Through interviews with studio executives, directors, actors, and film scholars, the segment explores the relationship between film and television, from the studios' initial fear of television and the rise of the Hollywood spectacle film to today's fully integrated entertainment industry - all in the context of the changing landscape of American culture in the postwar era.
Movie Posters
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Reading Assignments
Study Guide - Unit 8: Film in the Television Age
American Cinema - Chapter 12: Hollywood in the Age of Television

Television Assignment
Sunday Night/Monday morning - November 2
Midnight - 1:00 AM
Program 8 - Film in the Television Age

Additional Screenings
*The Wild One
*Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter
(Letterbox format only)
2001: A Space Odyssey (Letterbox format only)
Invasion of the Body Snatchers
Rock Around the Clock
Teenage Crime Wave
Rebel Without a Cause

Learning Objectives
A. Understand television's historical and cultural impact on the American film industry
B. Understand the ways in which television did and did not force Hollywood to change artistically and economically
C. Trace the development of new film technology in the 1950s
D. Understand television's influence on film style through its influence on new Directors
E. Understand how Hollywood explored the subjects of sex and violence to attract new audiences

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