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Written Assignment #2

Study Guide - Page 83, Assignment 2

Film Noir Posters
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For Assignment #2, there are two parts. First, describe the opening of a film-noir film. Again, don't just describe what happens, but describe the form as well. Then, relate the opening to the entire film.

Hmmm, looks like a combination of a description and a comparison and contrast paper. In your Introduction, explain your thesis. Second paragraph (or more), describe the opening of a film- noir film. Use as much detail as is necessary, but you might include the visual look, the dialog, the music, the editing, the action.

Next, explain how the opening relates to the entire film. Why does the film start this way? What purpose does it serve? How does the opening relate to the ending of the film? The theme? The story? In the Conclusion, summarize your thesis and restate your main points.

So what do you need to do to get an A? Follow the directions. First, watch a complete film noir film. You can't really fake it, because you won't understand the end. And if you don't understand the end, how can you compare it with the beginning?

You need an Into with a thesis (what point you are trying to make?) You'll need at least one (probably more) paragraphs to describe the opening. Just saying what happens isn't enough, you need to describe the "look" of the film.

You'll need, next, to discuss the opening. Why does the film open that way? Does it have any relationship to the rest of the film? Then, discuss the ending. How does the ending relate to the themes? Next, tie the two together, How does the beginning relate to the end? Finally, summarize in your conclusion.

That's six paragraphs, maybe more depending on your depth of detail.

Assignment Due Friday, November 6.
You can fax, E-mail, or bring it to HU 79 to be put in my mail box. But it must be typed!

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