Streaming Media
Motion Picture Camera
" The Web of our life is of a mingled yarn, good and ill together." - Shakespeare
Not Ready for Prime Time - Streaming Video
1. I Feel the Need for Speed!
University of North Texas

2. Words + Piiic....ctur......eeesss...ssssss
Rutgers University, Oncology

3. QuickTime (With a quick connection)
AdCritic. All ads, all the time, all in QuickTime.

4. Which flavor? NetShow? RealPlayer? VDO? Vivo? Stream Works? QuickTime 3.0?
Multimedia Viewers

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Frames of Bad Video - Streaming Audio
1. Basic Speech Reproduction
Speak the speech ... trippingly on the tongue. (RealAudio)

2. Streaming Audio and Basic Photography
American Photographs: The First Century (RealAudio)

3. Streaming Audio and Basic Graphics (QuickTime)
The World Beneath Note non-streaming "streaming."

4. Streaming Audio with Photography and Plug Ins (Live Picture or Real Audio with standard HTML)
Van Gogh's Van Goghs

5. Streaming Audio with PowerPoint (RealNetwork)
IDS 3305 - Issues in Media, Literacy, and the Arts

6. Streaming Media Overkill? (RealNetwork)
iClosed Presentation
Three streams of content, video - audio - text, doesn't equal three times the impact. It can divide the focus and lead to less comprehension.

An Animated Solution - Streaming Multimedia
1. Streaming Animation
Massive Interactive - ISO 9001 (RealPlayer as Plug-in Window)

2. Streaming Shockwave as Window
Amex Calculus (RealFlash)

3. Integrated Streaming Flash
Sidney Opera House Virtual tour (Flash 5 and QT VR)

4. Flash Plus a Content Management System = Total Customization
Velocity Works, Inc.

Streaming SMIL - True Multimedia
1. Streaming Slide Shows
The Razor's Edge

2. Streaming Slide Shows, with additional elements
This Day In History (Simulated Video)

3. Complete Integration, Animation, Photography, Video
What I Did Last Summer

Additional Resources
Streaming Media World
Real Network Developer Zone
Streaming Media 101 (RealNetwork)
Understanding Streaming Media, a four part series by Tim Kennedy

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