Using the Internet for College Research Library at Night
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Search A Library On-Line? I Thought Libraries Were Extinct?
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Some information is on the net. A lot more information is in the library. Use the net to save time and effort while "surfing the stacks."
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Why Would I Need To "Search A Library On-Line"?

  1. You are looking for a book, a journal, or other print article to check out.
  2. You need some specific information about a print item such as the author, publisher, or date.
  3. To see what print material is available on a specific topic or author.
But My Library Never Has Anything!
  1. Interlibrary Loan! If you find the catalog information on a book from the Net, you can take it to your local library and order the book.
  2. Abstracts! Find an article reference, and your librarian can show you where the article is abstracted. They may even have the article or can get it from an article service.
  3. Home Delivery! Warning! This can cost you $$$$. Several services will deliver an article directly to you. But these are not free. Your school, however, may have an unlimited account letting you get some articles free.
OK, How Do I "Surf The Card Catalog?"
  1. Some library catalogs are accessible only by Telnet. If you don't know to Telnet, you probably don't have the software to do it. But try this experiment:
    1. Open your WWW browser
    2. Enter the URL below, and hit [enter.]
      If nothing happens, you can't Telnet. If something happens, Great!
  2. No Telnet? UseWebLuis help.
    This lets you search the libraries of the State Universities along with links to the Library of Congress and dozens of other library databases throughout the world.
Books, Those Are All Books! You Mentioned Articles!
  1. You can UnCover it!
    1. Click on Search the UnCover Database.
    2. Click on Search UnCover Now.
  2. Need more? AskERIC.
  3. Still more? Let WebLuis help.
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