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Table of Contents
General InformationWeekly Syllabus
I. Your Instructor Week 1 - The Language of Film/Thinking About Film
II. General Course Information Week 2 - The Classical Hollywood Style
III. Course Objectives and Written Requirements Week 3 - The Studio System
IV. Course Components Week 4 - The Star
V. Surviving a Telecourse (and Getting the Most From It) Week 5 - The Western
VI. Grading Procedure Week 6 - Romantic Comedy
VII. About the Instructor Written Assignment #1
Week 7 - The Combat Film
Week 8 - Film Noir
Written Assignment #2
Week 9 - Film in the Television Age
Week 10 - The Film School Generation
Extra Credit Writing Assignment
Week 11 - The Edge of Hollywood
Week 12 - Classical Hollywood Style Today
Week 13 - Final Exam
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